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"To dismiss front-end design as mere ‘icing’ is to jeopardize the success of any site."
— Curt Cloninger



Here is a pie chart that demonstrates my focus area in programming. As you can see I focus heavily and fanatically on client side development. Although I love designing I have always kept up with technology as a whole. Designing is just half the job. Programming is the other half.


My broad work experience has landed me in places where I got to learn tons of CSS best practices. I have picked up advanced techniques and have applied them to all my projects. I am also aware with the browser differences and am very efficient in debugging issues.


HTML is really the foundation of it all, of course. This site is even based on HTML 5 and I have a firm grip on the new technology as its being finalized. But because it is still new, there are of course a lot to learn in this area.


This is by far the most complicated of front-end technologies, just due to it's power. I have a solid knowledge of JavaScript and I make use of the latest frontend technologies and methodologies to ease the routine and speed up development time. I am still learning new tricks on this subject, but can easily fallback to writing vanilla JS, I love it.


Design is definitely one of my strongest abilities. I have started my career out as a designer and slowly fell in love with programming afterwards. I know color theory and balance well and I use this to guide the users to area of interest on the page and visually engage them. Here are a list of programs I am profecient with for design purposes.

  • Adobe Photoshop Skill level = 100%
  • Adobe Illustrator Skill level = 100%
  • Adobe Indesign Skill level = 90%
  • Adobe fireworks Skill level = 75%
  • Adobe Flash Skill level = 70%

ADVANCEDGoogle analytics

I am experienced using google analytics and know my way well around the tool and it's features. Also being able to implement features on any site that would use this tool for measuring.



So far I have been employed by a lot of big and well respected companies. I wanted to gather as much experience and strategies as possible. I now feel it is time to nail a long-term plan.

01-08-14 - Now SuitSupply

Adyne logo SuitSupply is a pioneer at everything it does, and we work hard to keep it that way. Our pioneering spirit generates a contagious energy, which is what enables us to keep putting new ideas into practice.


  • Senior Front-end architect
  • Responsible for solid best practice HTML5 & CSS3 with fallbacks for legacy browsers
  • Front-end lead in migration project

01-05-13 - 31-07-14 Adyen

Adyne logo The next generation in payment solutions for international merchants. We’re flexible. Driven. Secure. At Adyen, we have a passion for technology and it shows in everything we do. From our in-house platform to our self-designed software.


  • Senior Front-end developer
  • Responsible for solid best practice xHTML & CSS
  • Responsible for solid JavaScript
  • Responsible for interaction and graphic designs

01-04-11 - 31-04-13 BoosterMedia

boostermedia logoBoosterMedia focusses on mobile development for the gaming industry. Here I have learned to work with different phone types and best modern practices for phone development. Everything is about speed and performance on the mobile platform and it really made me focus on that aspect in all my design and implementations.


  • Working as a front-end developer
  • Responsible for solid best practice xHTML & CSS
  • Responsible for solid JavaScript
  • Responsible for interaction and graphic designs
  • Working with big gaming sites and popular companies: Vodafone, ClickJogos, Spielaffe and Jeux and many more

01-07-10 - 11-01-11 eBay - Marktplaats

Ebay logoEbay is by far the best place I have at worked so far. I have worked close with top frontend and backend developers on the new Marktplaats platform. I have also received Scrum master and programming training.


  • Worked as a front-end developer
  • Responsible for solid best practice xHTML & CSS
  • Responsible for solid JavaScript
  • Certified Scrum-master training

01-12-09 - 01-05-10Brothers in art

Brothers in art logoWorking for BIA was awesome. I got to work with clients such as The Black Eyed Peas and Toki Doki. My work here was mainly designing and working closely with a very talented Interaction designer and Art Director.


  • Worked as a web designer
  • Responsible for online design with focus on solid GUI design
  • Made graphic designs for The Black Eyed Peas, Toki Doki, DipDive, Buscan2 and Het Gesprek
  • Completed Nike Run Hilversum 10km Business run

01-06-09 – 01-12-09Cendris

Cendris logoWorked as Senior cross media designer. Made graphic designs for Nintendo, KPN, Unilever and other companies. Most of my designs were for email marketing purposes.


  • Worked as senior cross media designer
  • Responsible for online and offline design
  • Made graphic designs for Nintendo, TNT post, KPN and Unilever
  • Responsible for animations (Flash)

19-05-08 - 30-05-09Cardif Verzekeringen

Bnp logoCardif is where I started my professional career. I have worked here as a all around webmaster. Doing both design and programming work. During my stay here I was was given an Adobe design suite workshop by respected members of the design community. I have also won the employee of the month November 08


  • Worked as a Webmaster / web designer
  • Responsible for web technology (PHP,CSS,XHTML,JavaScript and Actionscript)
  • Responsible for graphic design (Adobe CS 3 & CS 4 package)
  • Responsible for animation (Flash, After effects)
  • Employee of the month November 08 (130 employees)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Attended Adobe MAX in Milan 08 (Adobe training)

16-01-07 - 22-06-07DNB media (internship)

DNB media logoBack when SecondLife was special and new, I worked at the leading company using the platform at the time. I helped built the rock show from Di-rect and I have built ABN Amro and Randstad all in 3D. This was definitely the best of the two internships I have done.


  • Worked as a 3D artist in a group consisting of 10 others
  • Responsible for animations
  • Texture/design materials
  • 3D models

23-01-06 - 15-06-06Supertracks records (internship)

Tree top recordsSupertracks was my first intern and also my first step into the interweb's professional world. All in all it was a great experience oppurtinity and I got a good taste of how life would be if I kept doing what I loved.


  • Responsible for web design
  • Music recording/editing (Sound forge)
  • Flash animator/Actionscripter


2012Mobile apps and sites course

From Myles Eftos, he is a Perth-based web developer who feels just as at home building INNER JOINS as he does calculating the specificity of CSS selectors. He has worked in all the major web languages, his weapon of choice being Ruby on Rails—although he’s found himself doing more and more front-end development in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Certificate of completion

2012SitePoint CSS3 course

Personal lessons from a successful software developer, long standing web development speaker, writer, evangelist and expert, John Allsopp.

Certificate of completion

2012SitePoint HTML5 course course

Personal lessons from a successful software developer, long standing web development speaker, writer, evangelist and expert, John Allsopp.

Certificate of completion

2010SitePoint JavaScript LIVE! course

SitePoint CTO Kevin Yank tells us why you can't afford to miss out on JavaScript Live. I have picked up a lot of tricks and hints doing this course. It talks more about RAW JavaScript, so without any libraries. Fun stuff!

Certificate of completion


I haven't followed a course, but read 5 complete books on the subject and keep up to date with the latest developments from John Resig's team.

Certificate of completion

2008 Adobe CS3 + CS4 Training

I have received various training using the Adobe Creatve Suite programs. These include Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Flash and Illustrator. This specific training was a 2 day event in Milan at the Adobe MAX conference.

Certificate of completion

2007 - 09Hobby Academy drawing school

An at home drawing class from the NTI. It's a whole year's course that covers everything from shapes to shades.

Drawing diploma

2007- 2008 De Haagse Hogeschool (HBO) Communication Multimedia Design

HBO CMD at De Haagse Hogeschool was a good experience, but a short lived one. I found this course not very challenging and I stopped after one year of studying here. I was not learning as much as I have hoped and they were sadly covering ancient online technologies. So I made the bold move to start my career.

2003 - 2007ROC Midden Nederland (MBO) Multimedia Technology

Here is where I have learned to like the web. I grew from someone who did not even know what HTML meant, to someone who can not only write it, but manipulate it to do his bidding. My final exam I scored a perfect 10! I am still proud of that.

MBO diploma

1995- 2002ISC International School of Curacao

High school diploma


For an extensive look at my portfolio Click here

Top mobile websites

vodafone Vodafone Games

vodafone Vodafone is strong in mobile, they also wanted a platform to distribute games and make it easy for their users to get their hands on free gaming content after a phone purchase.

Jeux Jeux

Jeux A leading French gaming portal in France. OUr mobile site handles all kinds of phones from low-end non touch phones to highend Tablets. All get a custom layout optimised experience.


BNP Paribas BNP Paribas

Bnp paribas The BNP Paribas Group operates in 80 countries and has more than 200,000 employees. 160,000 of them are in Europe. This makes us a leading European financial services provider in the world.

Marktplaats platform Marktplaats

Marktplaats Marktplaats is the most popular website in Holland and I had the privilege of working on it as front-end developer and a team member of the migration project. The migration is not online yet.

The Black Eyed Peas The Black Eyed Peas

The black eyed peas The Black Eyed Peas website gets constant updates of banners or other promotions. I was responsible for making these promotional materials while working at Brothers in Art

Buscan2 logo Buscan2

Buscan2 Buscan2 is an initiative developed by Brothers in Art and it is a social website geared toward the hispanic community. I have worked as a designer for various sections for the website.


ferro Ferro explore!

ferro explore A really complicated design touched my table the other day, I had to put this in HTML so all email clients could read it.

shiwi badmode Shiwi

shiwi badmode Design I made for Shiwi bad mode and they loved it. Their sales have gone up since this mailing.

Tnt Post Tnt-post

tnt post A lot was made for Tnt-post during my time at Cendris. But this one really sticks out, because of it's creative nature.

KPN KPN veilig campaigne

KPN KPN veilig is a shield for your computer. So I thought, let's just make a shield representing that it is protected.


bep design BEP promo design

bep design While pitching for new ideas to the Black Eyed Peas website I came up with this comp. I am very proud of how it turned out.

design Iphone 3gs design

design I like recreating existing products in digital form to hone my skills and keep them sharp. By doing this regurarly I end up expanding my knowledge in design and the tools I am using.

Buscan2 Buscan2 Banner

graphic buscan2 Making an impact in any media is the key, I focus a lot on art direction and detail of the message I am trying to communicate, to make sure that is both clever and attractive to the targetted audience.

Photoshop 3D world representation

3d skills Creation of 3D graphics for any use is also a skill I possess. In this example I recreated the world and added some lighting effect.

Traditional art Traditional art

Illustrations I like to thoroughly sketch my ideas out and experiment with it before I turn on the computer. If time allows me to do so.

Game design Ferro explore Christmas game

Game design I have designed this Christmas game for Ferro Explore! While working at Brothers in Art. Enjoy! :)



Thank you for dropping by and checking out my portfolio. If you have any questions please just email me


You can also fine me here.



Hello, I am Oscar Lodriguez and welcome to my portfolio. I currently operate in the Netherlands and I speak English and dutch fluently. I also have 3.5 years of working experience. If there is one thing you should know about me it is that I love web design and development. I am strong in both web design and development. I have a keen eye for detail. I work with the Adobe CS packages every day of the week. The programs that I mainly use are: Photoshop, Indesign, illustrator and Dreamweaver.

I also enjoy front-end development and I do an awesome job using: HTML, CSS and JavaScript!


Here are my awards so far. I am working on achieving more and expanding my collection :)

While working at Cardif, I have won the employee of the month award of November 2008 Finished the Hilversum Business 10km run while working at Brothers in Art Scored the highest for graduation project, a perfect 10


My goal is to always be ontop of new developing technologies and also be at the top of the existing ones. This is a challenging goal, just the way I like it..

  1. Soak in new technologies as they hit the market if they have a positive impact
  2. Reach consultant level at Front-end and design
  3. Follow the standards


My interests revolve a lot around self improvement. I like expanding my own skills and get better at doing what I enjoy to do, so that means a lot of reading, working out and studying for this fellow.. Of course the occassional beer here and there hits the spot every now and then! :)

  • Drawing
  • Gaming
  • Running
  • Challenging myself
  • Studying new technologies
  • Taveling!

Thanks for looking at my CV. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for printing my CV. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Oscar Lodriguez